A Pair Of Boobs And The Most Haunting Song Ever Star In Utterly Bizarre Commercial

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When you think of body spray worn primarily by bros, you think of Daniel Johnston, a 51-year-old musician with crippling schizophrenia and manic depression who once nearly killed his parents after throwing a plane’s ignition keys out the window because he thought he was Casper the Friendly Ghost. (Since then, he’s released dozens of albums with little-to-no mainstream success)

Or at least you do if you’re on the Axe marketing team, who put together a baffling ad featuring an anthropomorphic clump of hair falling for a pair of tits set to “True Love Will Find You in the End,” one of the world’s most perfect songs. And one that has nothing to do with body spray.

If only they had picked “I Save Cigarette Butts” instead.

Friday Night Lights fans will recognize this song

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