A Swedish Rock Titan Offers To Sub In As AC/DC’s Frontman Now That Brian Johnson’s On The Sidelines

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AC/DC is in a bit of a tricky spot at the moment and that’s saying something for a outfit that’s had to navigate band co-founder Malcolm Young’s dementia-driven retirement and drummer Phil Rudd’s trouble with the law over a whole messy state of affairs. Now, the Aussie rock legends are facing the prospect of lead singer Brian Johnson suffering “total hearing loss” if he plays another live show. Guitarist Angus Young vows the show will go on without the frontman, but it’s still unclear what to expect from these postponed dates. The suggestion of a guest/substitute vocalist coming aboard was mentioned on the band’s site, so what might that mean?

Original singer Dale Evans (yup, there was a guy before Bon Scott) has put himself out there as a potential fill-in, but now there’s another contender volunteering his services. Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist of The Hives has issued a statement letting the band and the world know that he’s ready to bring his cocksure swagger to AC/DC if needed. Almqvist, who probably could match quite nicely wardrobe-wise with an Angus ensemble, expressed his sadness over Johnson’s health issues and declared himself ready for AC/DC action.

Who else will raise their hand and declare they’re ready to lend their might to AC/DC? Give your take on who should or shouldn’t answer the call in the comments. Or just duck walk around the room for 20 minutes. It’s your Saturday, so do what you like!

(via NME)

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