Adele Found Time For An Onstage Chat With A 10-Year-Old Fan During Her Massive Glastonbury Set

06.25.16 2 years ago

England’s reliably massive drugs + mud + musical acts offering Glastonbury was able to boast having the mighty Adele as a headliner and early reviews of tonight’s performance have been glowing. You’re in safe hands with Adele.

Included in tonight’s festivities was an awesome moment where Adele brought a 10-year-old fan onstage for a lovely chat. As you can see from the clip nestled above, this very lucky girl got to enjoy the surreal thrill of chatting with the popular recording artist in front of a swell of 150,000 onlookers. Plus Adele swears a fair bit and it’s fun to hear curse words as a kid.

“Oh my god. Oh my god, Oh my god…. This is the best f*cking moment of my whole life. Oh my god,” gushed the singer. We’re under the impression that it’s a not bad moment for Adele’s new bud, either.

Adele’s set was packed with hits, comedy and the sight of a megastar clutching a large mug. It’s a shame she isn’t just the Queen of England on general principle. Here are some other lovely visuals from tonight’s performance that might make their way into your gif rotation. Adele showing the crowd video of her 2007 set ranks as a highlight.

(via NME)

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