Adele’s Isolated Vocal Track From Her ‘SNL’ Performance Is Stunning

Randy Marsh’s alter ego Lorde felt the need to defend her collaboration with Disclosure on last week’s SNL. After the internet hive mind questioned whether she was actually singing live, Lorde tweeted, “wow — the fact that some people thought i was lip syncing on snl is an awesome compliment! goes without saying i have never/will never haha” and “we’re just a bunch of kids from far away places and we played on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! it’s all a bit overwhelming and i’m crazy grateful.”

No one accused Adele of lip-syncing during this weekend’s SNL — the only ones doing the fake-singing were her Thanksgiving admirers — but her performance of “Hello” was still stripped down to her isolated vocals. It’s predictably stunning. Matthew McConaughey could tell a story about his storm drains, and I’d be transfixed; Adele could sing “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and I’d start crying. Note to Adele: Please cover “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Or if not that, work with David Lee Roth and/or Steve Harwell.

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