Fans Are Roasting The Questionable Outfit Adele Wore For London Carnival

Adele’s name is buzzing online, but it isn’t for news about her long-awaited new album. Although she did share some information about the anticipated follow-up to 2015’s monster hit 25 recently, this time she’s trending for an entirely different reason. The singer posted a photo of her costume for Notting Hill Carnival in London and some fans are calling her out for some questionable styling choices.

The photo sees Adele sporting a Jamaican flag bikini with her hair in bantu knots. Bantu knots are, of course, identified as a traditionally African hairstyle, which she likely embraced as a show of appreciation. However, with the internet, acts of appreciation can quickly turn to accusations of appropriation, which is exactly what happened here.

There were, of course, the usual jokes at her expense. One user joked, “Adele went from Hello to Wagwan,” while others had some fun remixing some of her fan-favorite singles into reggae versions that transplanted her iconic vocals onto instrumentals more closely associated with The Wailers or The Maytals. Popular remixer Blac Mass even mashed up Adele’s “Hello” with Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go.”

However, there were some who appreciated her show of affection for Caribbean culture. Carnival is a longstanding tradition in regions with large Caribbean populations and there were naturally some tweets defending her for giving the “big up” to the annual celebration.

Check out the hilarious responses to Adele’s Carnival costume above.