Watch Adele Brilliantly Troll Adele Impersonators By Posing As One Herself

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11.20.15 4 Comments

When you’re as big as Adele, people will recognize you wherever you go. Even when she wears sunglasses and hats, people can still tell that the woman walking down the street is the same person who made them cry over and over to repeat listenings of “Someone Like You.” But what if Adele got a prosthetic nose and did her makeup differently? Would her most hardcore fans recognize her then?

Watch Adele interact with several women (and at least one man) who think they’re at The Graham Norton Show to audition, but are actually part of the gag. No one says anything too mean, but watching her impersonators’ shock as she morphs from a shy nanny named Jenny into one of the world’s most popular recording artists is definitely worth a watch.


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