Alvvays Can’t Stop Laughing At The Absurdity Of Performing On Adult Swim’s ‘FishCenter’

What’s nice about the modern media for musicians is that there are plenty of ways to get the word out there about your latest project. In the ’60s, you could go on The Ed Sullivan Show or one of the three other TV shows that existed back then, and those were your only options. Fast-forward to 2017, and Alvvays, who released their sophomore album Antisocialites last month, just appeared on FishCenter, a live, fish-themed, call-in web talk show from Adult Swim.

The group turned in a quality performance of “Not My Baby,” although it felt for a second here and there like they might not make it to the end, as the band members would periodically laugh as they realized how ridiculous playing in front of aquarium footage is.

Elsewhere on the program, it looked like they had a ton of fun: The Toronto-natives took a Canadian Thanksgiving quiz, they participated in a vuvuzela impersonation contest (the Alvuvuzelays Noise Game) with some callers, and Molly Rankin shared her favorite YouTube comment from one of the band’s videos: “What that glum-ass b**ch sayin’?” The main takeaway from this episode of FishCenter: every band should be on it, because at the very least, it’s one of the most bizarre live internet shows you can possibly watch (weekdays at 4 p.m. ET), and it seems like Alvvays had a great time doing it.

Watch the band perform “Not My Baby” above, and check out their full FishCenter episode here.