And Now For The Worst Music Video Ever Made

We’re on the express train to the weekend so I’m just going to leave the video to Alternate Reality’s “The King That Never Was” here…

Hailing from Cleveland, Alternate Reality’s video was shot on location at historic Squire’s Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio between July and November 2011. Interesting factoids: The video features 20 actors, 3.5 lawyers, 4 Slovenians, 4 lead singers, 7 employees from 4 Cleveland area law firms, 3 horses, and one historic castle. Release date: 11-20-11.

3 horses? 4 Slovenians? Geezus. Based on the time and energy alone I’d almost feel bad about dubbing this “The Worst Music Video Ever Made” if so many others hadn’t dubbed it that already. That’s pretty much it’s name now, which means the world is going to fall in love with it ironically. And is there really anything more a sh*tty metal band from Cleveland can ask for?

Via The Daily What