And Now Here’s ‘Weird Al’ Busting Out A Live, Single Take Version Of ‘Tacky’

If we’ve learned one thing about “Weird Al” Yankovic this week, it’s that he certainly knows how to market himself to the Internet. Not only is he in the middle of introducing eight new videos from his new album, Mandatory Fun, and proving himself to be super patient on Fox News, but now he’s performing his “Tacky” on Conan.

I don’t normally overload with two posts from any of the late night shows, but this deserves a share based on the sheer volume of “Weird Al” that’s spread this week. This is isn’t as star studded as the music video, but it is a single take and he doesn’t miss a beat.

If you’d had told me a month ago that we’d all be going crazy over the new “Weird Al” album, I’d have given you a swirlie and thrown you in a trash can. Now I’m feeling foolish. And we still have at least three videos left, so this is far from the end of the Yankovic marketing machine.

(Via Team Coco)