Andrew W.K. Improvises A New Anthem About The Powers Of Pizza

07.04.16 3 years ago


In the latest installment of Tastemade’s “All the Pizza” series, host Carlo Orrechia brings rock icon and inspirational party animal Andrew W.K. onto the web series to ruminate on their favorite type of sustenance. The duo sits side-by-side in a dimly lit booth at Gino’s Eastside Pizzeria in Chicago, sharing a signature deep-dish pepperoni pie as they engage in a candid philosophical discussion about what the fare means to them.

Andrew W.K. waxes on, rather poetically, about the healing powers of pizza, even going so far as to compare it to music and revealing that the food, like a good song, makes him feel good to be alive. He also confesses that he’d like to die with a piece of pizza in his mouth. Midway through the meal, a light bulb goes off and they decide that they’ll write a song about pizza. They leave Gino’s (with four carryout pizzas in tow, of course) and begin to improvise a song in the back of a car and then head to a recording studio where they seal the deal.

Naturally, Andrew W.K. uses his pizza-themed guitar for the tune and the pair rotates instruments and records vocals together. Carlo notes, “This might be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” Watch the episode below.

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