Anohni’s Future Feminism Fest Seeks To Build Radical Empowerment

Outspoken transgender songwriter Anohni announced the full lineup and schedule of her Future Feminism festival, which begins Friday at the contemporary art and video exhibition gallery ‘O’Space in Denmark.

Her New York collaborators, filmmaker Kembra Pfahler and performance artist Johanna Constantine, will join her to present Future Feminism, which features twenty-five performances, including workshops, seminars and round-table discussions. All of the events are free to attend, save for Pfahler’s “Performance Art 101” series.

Future Feminism was first shown in 2014 and consists of thirteen tenets. The final tenet, “the future is female,” has struck a chord in the popular consciousness, appearing on t-shirts and becoming a kind of slogan in and of itself.

The press release for the event reads:

“In 2014 a collective of artists in NYC mounted an exhibition and 13-day performance festival at Hole Gallery in NYC. Having spent 3 years developing their ideas in retreat, Anohni, Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine, Bianca Hunter and Sierra Casady emerged with “13 Tenets of Future Feminism.” Drawing from ancient concepts, feminist thought and most pressingly, an urgent sense of the eco-collapse unfolding before us, the directives of FUTURE FEMINISM are a provocation that, at their core, call for the reconstitution of a feminine collective consciousness that if radically empowered, might be strong enough to reorganize our behaviors as a species and save what remains of our world.”

Anohni is the Aarhus 2017 Artist-in-Residence for European Capital of Culture in Denmark.

Future Feminism takes place from August 11th to September 3rd. The full event schedule can be found here.

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