Anti-Flag Urge Listeners To Not Get Complacent Under Donald Trump

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Long-running punk act Anti-Flag were bound to have some opinions on the election of Donald Trump. A band with song titles like “F*ck The Flag” and “Die For The Government” can probably be counted on to fall on the left-side of the American political spectrum, and they’re none too happy about what happened in November. But more than that the band wants other people not to become complacent and accept the president-elect’s actions and words as normal.

With that in mind, they chose “Death Of A Nation” as their first single from their upcoming live album Live Vol. 1. Out of their 20-plus years of music, they felt that this track was the most important to the current political moment.

“We chose ‘Death Of A Nation’ as the lead track off of Live Vol. 1 for a number of reasons,” bassist and vocalist Chris #2 said . “The foremost being the parallels of emotions to the elections of George W. Bush and Donald Trump. The anxiety, fear and compassion we have for our brothers and sisters of marginalized and non-binary communities. The song was written as a call to arms to rebuild. The work needs done, we must come together to not allow sexism, racism, trans and homophobic bigotry to become normalized.”

If you agree — and don’t want to accept the oddness of Trump’s presidency as the new normal — check out our own Steve Bramucci’s excellent piece on how you can get involved.

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