Ark Music Factory Must Be Stopped

08.03.11 4 Comments

Ark Music Factory — the record label that brought you Rebecca Black and, more recently, Lexi St. George — is at it again, and their “talent” is getting younger, it seems. Not only is this, the video above, predictably horrific, but the girl — the hilariously named Madison Bray — is nine. Nine. Aren’t there child protection laws out there to prevent this?

How cringe-worthy is the impossibly autotuned “Girl Swag” (Yes, that’s really the title of the song)? I’ll let the commenters on YouTube — where it currently has 371 likes and 2,665 dislikes — enlighten you all with their collective eloquence…

“Pedobear approves of this video…Miley Cyrus’s long lost sister!…I find this easy to masturbate to…Oh my f*cking god. I feel like a pedophile watching this…they’re literally getting younger and younger girls to sing about sh*t that they don’t even understand…Nine years old? When I was nine years old I had baby dolls and fake fairy wings. Not swag…You would think this company gets paid by the amount of DISlikes it gets?…This sh*t is so horrendously bad I switched to 2girls1cup to wash the bad taste out of my mouth…This is so bad I had to switch to my PornHub tab when my mom came in…WHY IS A WHITE GIRL SINGING ABOUT SWAG?”

Every adult involved in this video coming to fruition needs to die in a fire. At the very least, child protective services should remove this child from her parents’ home immediately and place her in a foster home or something. Hell, she’d probably be better off living on the street. Meanwhile, is there another planet available for me to live on yet?

(HT: Gawker)

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