A$AP Rocky Believes All Atlanta Rap Sounds The Same And Predictably Upset An Atlanta Rapper

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07.10.15 36 Comments

A$AP Rocky can’t stop saying things that get him in trouble.

The de facto leader of the A$AP Mob is experiencing a backlash for statements he made back in May. During an interview with the Red Bull Music Academy that was recently uploaded to their YouTube channel, Rocky raked the Atlanta rap scene over the coals.

“If we’re gonna be honest, some of the dopest music is coming out of Atlanta right now. But, all them n*ggas sound the same,” he said. “[New York rappers] don’t sound alike. Everybody just got their own different thing going on.”

Rocky backpedaled a bit and clarified that he was specifically talking about cadences and flows that are recycled in Atlanta’s scene.

“I’m not saying all Atlanta rappers sound the same, but for the most part, majority, they all kind of have similar cadences, flows and deliveries,” he said. “They even recycle the same lyrics from each other.”

In particular, Rocky called out Que and his hit “OG Bobby Johnson” and its similarity to Future’s song “Sh*t.”

“This ain’t dissing nobody, but I don’t understand how Future can make a song like ‘Sh*t,’ then this nigga, I forget his name, you make ‘OG Bobby Johnson,'” he said. “It’s the same thing Future’s saying. And we allowed that.”

Rocky added that he likes the song and didn’t have anything against Que personally, but it wasn’t enough to stop Que from bashing Rocky on Instagram.


Que noted that “OG Bobby Johnson” was released before Future’s song and added that there were people far more guilty of copying sounds than he was.

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