At Long Last, Lady Gaga Joins Tumblr


It seems like every few weeks there’s been a rumor on Tumblr that Lady Gaga — last seen on Japanese television impersonating a panda — has joined Tumblr, that she’s floating out there in the ether under an anonymous name watching over all of us, waiting for just the right moment to reveal her herself, like some mythical God sent down to validate our existence and forgive us of our sins. So when the rumors started circulating again a couple of days ago, I was skeptical, to say the least, but it appears as though Her Weirdness has indeed finally joined the Tumblr ranksthe boob-grabbing shot above was her inaugural post — and she did so in sort of a bullyish way.

Reports Fashionista:

There’s also a little bit of diva drama surrounding her newly-minted Tumblr. Zap2It reports that a Gaga fan already had a Tumblr named “Amen Fashion,” which is the title of one of her songs. Community Support at Tumblr contacted the fan and asked him to give up the name at the request of Gaga’s management company, Atom Factory. The original owner of Amen Fashion, Dylan, then changed his blog to Amen Fashion1. Tumblr then asked him nicely to maybe consider changing it a little more. David vs. Goliath, Tumblr style.

What, were there not other names of Gaga songs available for Tumblr URLs? Geez. I just checked and “” is still available — that Dylan guy should change his Tumblr name to THAT! She pulled the rug right out from that little “monster,” all so she could presumably grace us all with more photos of herself like this one

Lady Gaga fancies herself as an expert in the art of fame, and she’s quite good at it, mind you, but there is such a thing as overexposure, even in today’s culture, and it feels like we’re getting close to the point where she jumps the shark. She was a lot more fascinating when she brilliantly floated the rumor that she might have a penis.

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