Audrey Nuna Flows Between Rapping And Crooning On The Brief New Track ‘Blossom’

If you’re trying to figure out what a new artist will be like live, look no further than Vevo’s live DSCVR videos. These clips not only help support emerging artists who might not have a lot of videos banked yet, but will give fans a great sense of what it might be like to watch the artist perform. That’s exactly what their version of “Blossom” does today for rising artist Audrey Nuna, who is prepping the project A Liquid Breakfast for release in just a few weeks.

The Korean-American artist was already making waves last fall for her style, and followed up the recently-released track “Space” with today’s new song “Blossom.” Even though “Space” only came out a month ago, the slow-burning track has already racked up over a million views. “Blossom” showcases a much different side of the Jersey-based musician, proving that her R&B chops might not be the only thing she’s bringing to the table. In just under two minutes Nuna oscillates between straight-faced, effortless rapping and her beautiful, lilting singing voice, proving that she’s just as versatile as they come.

The track also has personal meaning to Nuna, who shared the following quote about the song: “‘Blossom’ is a song about growing up. My grandma recently told me about her childhood and how she had to flee a war by foot. I’m happy I was able to put her voice in the outro.” Look for her project A Liquid Breakfast out on 5/21, and watch the live performance of “Blossom” above.