Awful White-Girl Rappers Give Rick Perry His Own Awful Version Of ‘Obama Girl’

Remember “Obama Girl,” that semi-talented cutie who took the internet by storm in 2008 with her YouTube hit, “I’ve Got a Crush On Obama?” Well, meet “Candy Rapper” and “Double K” — who have a message for you: “Yeah bitches, it’s Perry in 2012.” Yeah. (If this is a parody, the clues of such are virtually undetectable to the trained eye.)

Yes, let’s just all face it, we live in an America where Rick Perry and Kreayshawn prominently exist, so there’s probably nothing we deserve more than two awful white girl rappers rapping the praises of the swashbuckling cartoon cowboy who slightly wants to be our next president, but only if he can achieve such a thing merely by fostering the perception that he his balls are Texas-sized and made of good ole’ American steel. YEEHAW!

Seriously, the only two things more disturbing than this are:

1. Kreyshawn

2. Rick Perry

Consider yourself warned.

(HT: Mojo’s Tumblr)