B Real Says He Would Get Donald Trump And Jeff Sessions ‘Hammered’ Now That Weed Is Legal In California

The state of California has finally legalized the sale of recreational marijuana and the new laws took effect this week. One group this probably won’t affect much: Rappers, including B-Real, whose group Cypress Hill led the charge for stoners in hip-hop since the early ’90s. MSNBC’s interviewed the rap pioneer for a segment about the regulations, getting his unique perspective on the new laws, his group’s hand in helping to effect the changes and his dream guest for his BREALTV Youtube channel. When host Jacob Soboroff prompted him which mainstream personality he’d like to have in his Smokebox segment, where he gets celebrities to smoke with him in his vintage lowrider, the rapper gave a surprising answer.

“Barack Obama,” he said, smirking. “But I don’t know if Obama could hang in there. That would be a little bit too much.” Soboroff asked if he thought whether, despite the new acceptance, the idea would still be too taboo, and B-Real responded, “Who knows, man. These days, I think everything is up for grabs. I mean, when you look at who is president right now, I mean, you can’t put anything past anything.” When Soboroff noted that neither Trump or his Attorney General pick Jeffrey Sessions would be likely to go for it, B Real laughed. “That would be so awesome,” he said, “Because I would get them so hammered.”