Charlie Puth’s Newborn Creative Freedom Is Carrying Him To New Heights

If there’s any example of a pop artist today with truly unparalleled musical ingenuity, it’s Charlie Puth. There’s a meticulous rhyme and reason behind the booming success of the pop star’s catchy, chart-topping hooks – Puth is classically trained, equipped with impeccably perfect pitch, and has been a stickler for perfection from the very start of his career.

For Puth, there’s never been any other plan but the adamant pursuit of success. Making it in an industry with a terrifyingly low success rate, especially in the face of doubtful peers, requires a sense of unwavering stubbornness, a diligent self-starter attitude, and a little bit of uniqueness. Luckily for Charlie Puth, he’s got it all, he’s done the work, and it’s carrying him to shocking new heights.

Recently, Puth has started focusing more heavily on his own songwriting, and he’s already experiencing the benefits of complete creative control and artistic freedom. His latest album, Voicenotes, was certified gold less than a week following its release, a testament to the musician’s undeniable natural talent.

“I did not think that the artist thing was going to work out for me,” Puth said. “I just didn’t think I was good enough. But I guess I was wrong.”

Check out the video above to see Charlie Puth and his family talk about his journey and the inner workings of his mind.