Hopefully Beanie Sigel’s ‘Gang Gang’ Video Is His Last Shot At Meek Mill

Beanie Sigel releases his new video for “Gang Gang,” his latest diss directed at Meek Mill. Yes, for anyone keeping score at home, the latest shot makes the third shot sent at Meek by Beans after he went with “I’m Coming” and “Goodnight” previously.

Frankly, I’m not sure what’s more disappointed: all this in-fighting between rappers who rep the City Of Brotherly Love or the fact that Sigel is posturing with guns and goons in this video. Where the f*** were all these guys when he got snuffed a few weeks back? Granted, the song isn’t technically bad. It just lacks the punch that Beans used on “Goodnight,” which should’ve been his last shot. Instead, he’s going out with a meager song that won’t do much to rile up Meek for a response.

Since we’re already talking about Beanie, let’s kill two birds at once and share his Breakfast Club appearance from Tuesday morning. He spends a lot of time rehashing what transpired between him and Meek, claims again that he did write a few lines for Meek and Omelly and characterizes Meek as fictional street guy who has no real street ties. The tension between Sigel and Charlamagne is thick and things get testy several times with Charlamagne asking Sigel how can fans trust him, which is something I’ve been quietly wondering as well.

Not to discredit Beans or lend credit to Meek because I’m not too sure I believe any of these dudes, Game included, at this point. But, as the most certified street dude out of the three, I guess my standards and expectations for Sigel were higher than they were for the others. But watching him play his hand one way with Game then another — supposedly, of course — with Meek just makes it the whole thing seem like a facade. He’s stuck waffling between operating under street codes, corny rap rules and trying to keep his nose clean as a 40-something ex-con. It seems like the last one should be his biggest concern. Beans is Carlito in a rap world filled with Benny Blancos and turncoats.