All The Best Spotify Gym And Workout Playlists To Follow Right Now

08.31.18 5 months ago
best workout playlists on spotify


Last Updated: August 31st

Depending on the stage of a workout you find yourself in, there are plenty of things about getting your sweat on that could be considered the worst part. The good news is that like many of life’s woes, these problems can usually be solved by music. Music and improving your fitness are such a natural pairing that Spotify is filled to the brim with playlists designed to make working out a much more enjoyable experience. Different folks have different workout music needs at different times, though, so below, I’ve found some of the best Spotify workout playlists right now that should prove effective in a variety of situations.

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Beast Mode by Spotify

With cover art featuring an absolutely shredded gym aficionado, it’s a pretty safe bet what this mix is best for. Featuring barrel-chested rap bangers like Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N—-s in Paris” and Rick Ross’ breakout hit “Hustlin’,” this is motivation music of the highest order.

Cardio by Spotify

It’s the most important, widely-recommended type of workout you can do, so of course, you’ll need a playlist that works any time, all the time. At 60 songs and three hours long, Spotify’s official cardio contains a bit more than the suggested 30 minutes a day accepted as the minimum to maintain good heart health, but its uptempo dance and pop selection is the perfect thing to keep your heart rate up and its length is a blessing in disguise. Just pick up where you left off and boom, you’ve got another solid 30 minutes waiting for you, six days out of the week.

Throwback Workout

One of the number one things I’m looking for in a workout playlist is something to take my mind off what my body is doing, transport me somewhere else. There’s few things that are capable of transporting you more than an old, beloved throwback song, and that’s exactly what this playlist is chock full of. Get ready to run, walk, jog, lift and flex to all the best throwback rap and R&B that will take you out of the gym and have you grooving while your body does what it needs to get done.

Warm Up and Cool Down (Various, by Nike+ Training Club)

It’s safe to say that Nike knows a thing or two about athletics, so they’re a trusted guide to the songs that can help us ease into or out of a workout. Since you shouldn’t start or finish your gym sessions at 100 percent intensity, this playlist is filled with mid-tempo tracks that will set the mood for those bookends of your workout with some indie, R&B, pop, and electronic music. It’s a long one too, so you can throw it on shuffle and probably go a while before you find yourself hearing the same songs over and over.

Gymshark Alternative Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop, by Gymshark)

This is less of a playlist and more of a gateway: This mix of songs will do you just fine if you’re looking to work out to some alternative hip-hop, but the active apparel brand has a bunch of public playlists specifically geared towards active activity that should be a fine resource. There are genre- and mood-specific mixes, like hip-hop, power, grime, motion, hype, old-school hip-hop, and the list goes on. They also have playlists created by fitness experts, and since these muscle-y people seem to know what they’re doing around a squat rack, listening to their recommendations is probably a solid idea.

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