The Best Vinyl Releases Of April 2024

Anybody who thought the vinyl resurgence was just a fad was mistaken: The industry has experienced a legitimate revival. As a result, music fans are interested in physical media in ways they may not have if the decades-old medium hasn’t made a comeback. That doesn’t mean everybody is listening to just their parents’ old music, though. That’s part of it, sure, thanks to rereleases that present classic albums in new ways. A vital part of the renewed vinyl wave, though, is new projects being released as records, of which there are plenty.

Whatever you might be into, each month brings a new slew of vinyl releases that has something for everybody. Some stand out above the rest, naturally, so check out some of our favorite vinyl releases of April below.

Wilco — The Whole Love Expanded

wilco whole love vinyl
Legacy Recordings

This past month saw what is essentially the Super Bowl of vinyl: Record Store Day. Artists and labels always come through with great new releases to mark the occasion, many of which you’ll find in this month’s vinyl rundown. First up is The Whole Love Expanded, a 3LP release that includes, along with the base album, alternate mixes, demos, and more.

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At The Drive-In — In/Casino/Out (Reissue)

At The Drive In vinyl
Craft Recordings

At The Drive-In’s In/Casino/Out has long been out of print, so leave it to Record Store Day to bring it back. This edition of the band’s second album is available on purple/green smoke vinyl, but only 3,500 copies were pressed.

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Fred Again.. — USB001

Fred Again.. USB vinyl
Fred Again..

Fred Again.. “released” USB in 2022, but that’s also not necessarily completely true, in that the project is constantly evolving with new songs being added on a regular basis. Well, the project as it stands right now is getting a vinyl release, and he’s pulling all the stops with a lovely “specialist spot reflective varnish” on the outer sleeve.

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Spawn The Album

Spawn The Album
Legacy Recordings

The soundtrack for the 1997 superhero movie Spawn is a real ride, featuring songs by everybody from Metallica to Cypress Hill to Moby. It’s quite the mix and it’s stunning on smokey red vinyl, too. The hard rock mixed with electronic concept was novel in its time, and now acts as a bit of a portal to a simpler (better?) time.

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Aesop Rock — Daylight (Reissue)

aesop rock daylight vinyl

The Daylight EP was a high point for Aesop Rock, featuring production from EL-P, Blockhead, and, of course, Aesop Rock. If you’ve wanted the project on vinyl, a new reissue is the first time the full thing has ever been pressed on vinyl, including the hidden bonus track.

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Billy Idol — Rebel Yell (Reissue)

Billy Idol Rebel Yell vinyl

Idol was one of the kings of the ’80s, and his second album, Rebel Yell, was monumental, with the title track enduring as one of his signature songs. As for this new expanded edition of the project (released to mark the album’s 40th anniversary), it comes with eight bonus tracks that include previously unreleased music, original demos, and more.

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Sunny Day Real Estate — Diary: Remastered And Expanded Edition

Sunny Day Real Estate Diary: Remastered And Expanded Edition
Sub Pop

Diary is an undeniable landmark release in emo music, and as the project turns 30 years old, Sunny Day Real Estate has delivered the definitive vinyl edition of it. This “remastered and expanded” version comes with the bonus tracks “8” and “9” (all pressed on pearlescent vinyl), along with newly written liner notes.

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Orbital — Orbital (Reissue)

Orbital vinyl
London Records

UK electronic duo Orbital made their mark with their self-titled 1991 debut album (The Green Album, as it’s also known). Over three decades later, they’ve just dropped the definitive version of it via a 4LP box set. This edition includes two double gatefold LPs featuring remixes and rarities (including unreleased tracks), as well as an exclusive 60-page book documenting the story of the album.

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The Eagles — The Long Run (Reissue)

Eagles Long Run Vinyl

The Eagles’ original stint (ending in 1980, before their 1994 reunion) was one to remember, and it came to an end with The Long Run. The project — led by the Grammy-winning, No. 1 single “Heartache Tonight” — is back in a fancy new run limited to 10,000 copies and pressed on pressed on MoFi SuperVinyl, meaning it’ll sound as good as it ever has.

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Blur — Parklife (30th Anniversary Zoetrope Picture Disc)

Blur Parklife
Food Records

The zoetrope has been around for well over a century at this point, and yet the visual effect the spinning, seemingly animated images have is still pretty wild to look at today. Blur included one on their new picture disc reissue of Parklife, making it a uncommonly visual way to experience a Britpop classic.

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Gorillaz — Cracker Island (Deluxe Vinyl Edition)

Gorillaz – Cracker Island (Deluxe Vinyl Edition)

Speaking of Damon Albarn: Last year, Gorillaz brought us all to Cracker Island, and now we have a chance to go back. For Record Store Day, the group shared a deluxe, limited-run vinyl edition of Cracker Island that comes with six tracks that previously weren’t available on physical releases. There’s also a striking new album cover by Jamie Hewlett.

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Dwight Yoakam — The Beginnings And Then Some: The Albums Of The ’80s

Dwight Yoakam The Beginnings And Then Some The Albums Of The 80s

Closing out with yet another Record Store Day release, Yoakam compiled his first three albums onto this new box set. This limited-edition release includes thirteen rarities and demos from the era, enough fresh material to justify its own disc.

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