Are Beyonce And D.R.A.M. Working On A Song Together?

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If you’ve been paying attention to all things Queen Bey, you’ll recall a certain dance party of one involving Beyonce getting loose to rapper D.R.A.M.’s hit “Cha Cha” a few months back. Of course, B doesn’t just go around handing out co-signs, so is there more to this story?

This song makes me happy! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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Thursday, on the road between shows in D.C. and Nashville, D.R.A.M. posted a photo to Instagram of himself and Beyonce hanging out in the studio. Deep down in our collaboration-loving souls, we can only hope that D.R.A.M. was there to do more than just fanboy out… more than he already has.

In a recent interview with Tidal (hint hint), D.R.A.M. described his initial reaction when he found out Beyonce was dancing to his song.

“And I lost my muthaf**kin’ mind. I screamed. I told people walking down the street, “Hey, Beyoncé likes to ‘Cha Cha,’” and they were like, “O-K.” But, I mean I’m like, “[Chuckles] Whatever, you’ll be singing it in about a month. Don’t worry about it.”

Fanboy or not, the prospect of a Beyonce/D.R.A.M. collaboration in the near future is an exciting one. With the Hampton, Va. rapper hinting at music for purchase and a tour coming soon on his website, there’s a chance that a song on his upcoming album could feature ‘Yonce. Now, let’s cross our fingers that the song comes sooner than later, i.e. the perfect ending to an #1EPICSUMMER. 

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