Could Outkast Be The Next Hip Hop Act To Get The Big Screen Biopic Treatment?

With the smashing box office performance of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, a number of hip hop artists are looking to get in on the fun with their own big-screen projects which is great. Growing up in the ’80s, the best movies Hip Hop had to offer were films like Beat Street and Krush Groove. While those movies are absolute classics, it feels like it’s taken three decades to finally reach a point in cinema where these artists’ stories can be told in an honest, compelling and engaging light.

That brings us to a new era where artists like The Dogg Pound and Master P — oy, really? — have their own film projects in the works. And according to Reddit, Big Boi and Andre 3000 may be considering telling their own big-screen story behind Atlanta’s own Outkast.

During Big Boi’s AMA with Phantogram, a fan brought up the possibility of the two putting together their own biopic and by the sound of his reply, it looks like this may actually happen:

There are a number of musicians out there who I believe fully deserve to have their stories told on the big screen (ahem, Wu Tang Clan) and Outkast is definitely one of them. Speaking of biopics, maybe Andre 3000’s itch wasn’t scratched with his portrayal of Jimi Hendrix in last year’s Jimi: All Is by My Side.

I’m sure Mr. Benjamin won’t be playing himself in the movie, though. Maybe Key & Peele will be tapped to play the Atlanta duo. I mean, I doubt it. But, maybe….

(Via reddit, H/T All Hip Hop)