Billy Corgan Thinks The ‘Sky’s The Limit’ For Greta Van Fleet’s Success In Rock

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Greta Van Fleet were one of the most polarizing musical breakouts of 2018. The young Michigan rockers, hated by a swathe of music critics, have only risen in popularity since the release of their Pitchfork-panned debut album Anthem Of The Peaceful Army. But despite the apparent consensus that these guys are bad, GVF still have plenty of big-name supporters — including our own Steven Hyden, and, now, Billy Corgan.

In an Instagram Q&A, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman endorsed the young rock band. Corgan told his followers that Greta Van Fleet are “Great, and sky’s the limit for where they can go.” He seems unconcerned with many music critics’ fear that the uncritical masses will eat up GVF’s Led Zeppelin-ripped sound, abandoning the pillars of classic rock for their handsome young replacements. He sounds optimistic rather than apocalyptic. Greta Van Fleet are the future of rock, and “sky’s the limit for where they can go.”

Corgan’s endorsement of Greta Van Fleet isn’t so surprising. Corgan played with GVF a few weeks ago at the KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles, and the singer is known for being proud of his contrarian opinions. You’re free to form your own opinions on Greta Van Fleet, but if you think they’re not so bad, don’t worry — you’re not the only one.