Billy Corgan Finally Explained That Super Sad At Disneyland Photo

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Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, pro-wrestling writing, and endless feuding fame can now join Jack White in pretty elite company. No, not rock ‘n’ roll acclaim, but the internet making a complete joke out of a seemingly harmless photo of him with a deep frown.

Of course, social media took this picture of the frontman riding a roller coaster at Disneyland and memed it into oblivion. But Billy isn’t going to sit idly by and let this go. In an interview with Alternative Nation, he spoke about his trip to Disneyland before the pic even went viral and how it sucks being perceived that way:

“I literally had somebody say to me the other day, I think it was at Disneyland: ‘Hey, you don’t seem that into this.’ I was like, ‘I’m at f*cking Disneyland. I just want to hang out at Disneyland. I’m not here to do a meet and greet, I’m here to be at Disneyland.’ You know what I’m saying? But it’s almost like, ‘Well you’re here, and I’m here, and because I’m on my vacation, your vacation, you’re part of my vacation.’

It’s like, I’m not working, and I wasn’t being unpleasant, I wasn’t being rude. I was taking pictures with people, I took a picture with every person that asked. But then it gets into, what’s in your head? Like, you’re not smiling enough, or you don’t seem to be enjoying – and I’m like, what the f*ck do you want from me?”

Honestly, that’s more than fair. In regards to the actual photo being taken and going viral, if a private person makes a weird face, it would be a terrible thing to deal with. It just so happens that the person captured in this photo is someone who’s known for his acerbic demeanor. Still, let’s have a little sympathy for Billy. He gave the world this cat photo. How could we not be thankful for that?

(via Alternative Nation)