Bobby Brown Says He Had Sex With A Ghost

When you do as much humpin’ around as one Bobby Brown, you’re bound to end up with some wild stories. Brown just unleashed a doozy during his appearance on 20/20, claiming that he had sex with a ghost in front of Robin Roberts, God and everyone.

In the preview clip of Brown’s interview — which is set to air on June 7 at 10 p.m. EST — Roberts can barely believe how ready the New Jack Swing pioneer is to admit to intra-planal sex, initially reacting with a “Come on, man” before asking for more details. Brown stays completely serious and obliges.

“I moved into this house. I bought this mansion in Georgia. So, this was a really, really spooky place. But yes, one time I woke up and…yeah, a ghost. I was being mounted by a ghost.”

“I wasn’t high,” he added, preemptively cutting off Roberts’ next question. And props to her for keeping a straight face throughout what has to be one of the oddest exchanges of her career.

“You’ve had quite a life” is the only reaction she can muster, missing the opportunity to ask if it was a g-g-g-ghost or just a regular one. How spooky. How spooky indeed.

(Via Death And Taxes)