Drone Footage Captures One Of The Shootings At Boosie’s Recent Show In California

Getty Image

Days after news broke that two shootings took place at a Boosie concert in Gardena, California, TMZ found jarring footage of one of the scary incidents. It turns out that a drone had an aerial view of the area around the venue, and happened to be recording right as shots were fired.

The footage shows an unimpeded visual of a man in a blue hoodie raising his gun then firing into a crowd after what appeared to be a confrontation with a nearby group of individuals. It’s unclear what may have been said to spur the confrontation. It’s notable that nothing was heard before the shooting, but the screams of concertgoers were audible as shots were fired. Two people were wounded that night, thought it’s unclear if this is the video of the shots that wounded. Boosie noted on his Instagram that people were “fighting the whole night” of the show.

It’s inarguable that America has a gun problem, and the hip-hop world suffers the burden like the rest of the country. From the July shooting of 17 people at an Arkansas nightclub to the Irving Plaza shooting that killed one, wounded others and upended the lives of Brooklyn hip-hop fixtures Troy Ave and Taxstone, gunplay is always a possibility at a show.

There are so many stories about shootings and violence at rap concerts that the most jaded rap fans can become desensitized or even mock the headlines that aren’t generally regarded in the same light as incidents of domestic terrorism. But this footage of people who just came out to enjoy some music running for their lives puts a face on the problem. Watch the clip here.

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