What Happens When A Beyoncé-Blessed Music Producer Says ‘Bombs Away’ To A Solo Career

BOOTS is the kind of musician that makes you feel incredibly unaccomplished as a person. He plays almost all instruments, writes his own lyrics, composes his own songs, and recently started performing these songs live to kickoff his first solo album. I play professional air guitar.

It’s when you get into BOOTS’ personal story where the true holy sh*t factor kicks in. That is, the guy spent about five-to-six years homeless before he synced up with Beyoncé to help produce her last 5x multi-platinum album, Beyoncé. So… that went well. Now he’s now decided to go it alone to try his hand at a solo career. A rather bold 180-degree career turn.

Want to see the start of BOOTS audacious career move? Check out his performance of ‘Bombs Away’ (above) from his album debut AQUARIA and his tripped-out new music video for C.U.R.E. His rather incredible story can be seen in the original Uproxx series, Uncharted.

Just watch, you too will feel unaccomplished.

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