Brand New Are Poised To Score Their First Number One Album Ever With ‘Science Fiction’

After making their fans wait eight full years to get their hands on a new album, Brand New returned with a bang. Their latest offering Science Fiction got something of a messy, perplexing rollout, but that has done little to stop it from ending the week at the top of the charts and netting the group their first ever number one album.

According to Billboard, Science Fiction is projected to end the week with something around 55,000 copies sold. Not quite the blockbuster week we got last month that saw Tyler The Creator, Lana Del Rey and Meek Mill all selling over six-figures, but hey, that’s the name of the game. We’re officially in the dog days of Summer and Kendrick Lamar re-took his spot on top of the charts last week with just about the same number of copies of his most recent album DAMN sold.

What makes Brand New’s feat actually quite extraordinary is the way the album came out in the first place. Copies of the physical release made it out into the hands of fans last week, and rather than allowing the entire thing to leak out onto the Internet, Brand New decided to just put it out for sale there and then. Science Fiction wasn’t even available on streaming services until this weekend.

Kudos to Brand New. Glad to have you back.

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