Premiere: Brooke Annibale’s ‘Hold On’ Is A Dark And Enigmatic Taste Of Her New Album

Brooke Annibale wrote “Hold On” in the moments before dawn on a January morning, and the result is a brooding, enigmatic track that reflects the blanketing darkness it was conjured up in. We’re premiering “Hold On” today, the first single Annibale is sharing from her new album, Hold To The Light, out this June.

Hold To The Light finds Annibale making strides in both songwriting and production, incorporating a wider and more experimental range of instruments. For “Hold On,” in particular, the song’s self-described “dark vibe” came more alive in the studio recording process – the instrumental buildup before the track’s bridge introduces otherworldly electronic undertones that echo Annibale’s pure, ethereal vocals.

Here’s what Annibale said about the song:

“The lyrics in this song aren’t about one specific scenario, but more of a combination of different situations… all to do with how we hold on to things, to people, to time… whether it’s a good thing or not. I suppose I ended up writing it about the desire to keep something as it is or change it completely and how that can cause a sort of emotional ache. It’s funny how those two opposite desires, wanting change or wanting things to stay the same, evoke the same restless feeling.”

You can listen to “Hold On” above and see her tour dates below.

04/05 – Clinton, NY @ Hamilton College
04/27 – Seymour, IN @ Crossroads Acoustic Fest
04/28 – Seymour, IN @ Crossroads Acoustic Fest
06/02 – Newark, OH @ The Bootlegger
06/03 – Cleveland, OH @ Music Box Supper Club
06/08 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Three Rivers Arts Festival
06/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Philadelphia Folksong Society
06/16 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
06/19 – Burlington, VT @ The Skinny Pancake
06/21 – Boston, MA @ Fraser Performance Studio
08/16 – Fort Collins, CO @ Magic Rat