Bruno Mars Belts Out ’24K Magic’ In The First Look At His ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Appearance

It seems like just yesterday we finally escaped the constant presence of “Uptown Funk” wherever music was played. Radios, weddings, sporting events, in the club — it was everywhere! Just in time though, Bruno Mars released yet another infectious ear worm that everyone can dance along to. “24K Magic” isn’t quite setting the world on fire the same way Funk did but it is still climbing the charts and is easy to sing along to. In advance of his tour in the Spring, Bruno Mars is riding along with The Late Late Show‘s James Corden for the next installment of “Carpool Karaoke” on Tuesday, and the first promo has officially dropped.

In it, the pair sing Bruno’s latest single and bounce around in the front seats like they have an endless amount of energy. It’s part of what makes Mars such an infectious performer so it’s no surprise that he is bringing an equal amount of excitement and fun to the passenger seat for this segment. The promo does dub this celebrity outing the karaoke that everyone has been waiting for which seems like it might not be entirely true, seeing as one could assume if he was in that high demand then the show would have convinced Mars to be on the show earlier than this.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Bruno’s choice of clothing though. He’s never been a shy dresser by any means, but this outfit might be a bridge too far for the singer’s wardrobe. It looks like some kind of silk shorts/button-up T-shirt combination? That’s been patterned after a particularly insane rug design? It looks comfortable though, which is maybe all that matters.

Tune in on Tuesday night to see if that outfit gets an explanation of any kind, and also to see Bruno and James have a blast singing some of the former’s many hits.