Bryson Tiller Has Finally Returned With A New Song, ‘Blame’

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Bryson Tiller. The R&B singer released an album in 2017 and had a massive hit with Rihanna and DJ Khaled (“Wild Thoughts“), but he’s kept a relatively low profile over the last few years.

It looks like Tiller is officially back, though. With no warning, he posted a new song called “Blame” to his website. “Blame” is more of the smooth R&B that we love from Tiller. Over an intoxicating bass, Tiller works through heartbreak and sorts through what he’s done to sabotage the relationship. “I’m taintin’ myself, I’m ashamed of myself / I’ve been praying for myself like you used to,” he sings, talking through his regrets. The song is just under two minutes long, but “Blame” effectively stokes the hype for whatever he’s got planned.

Tiller hasn’t announced any news about an album on the way — for all we know, “Blame” could be a standalone single. Last we heard, Tiller’s album Serenity was delayed in late 2018.

“Album delayed til I’m happy with it,” Tiller said about Serenity in late 2018. “I understand that people these days love to have new music every four months but that’s just not how I work. Fans out here giving me ultimatums and sh*t and I’m just like damn I thought this sh*t was forever.”

“Blame” hasn’t hit streaming services yet, but you can listen to it on Soundcloud below.