Several Bumbershoot Festival Attendees Were Injured After A Barricade Collapsed

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Several festival attendees were injured during Seattle’s Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival Saturday night when four-foot-tall barricade collapsed on the crowd during a headlining set, leaving more than two dozen people injured.

According to Billboard, officials say though several people were injured by the barricade collapse, no one was seriously hurt. The festival released a statement following the incident saying their medical staff were able to attend to those affected and serious injuries were avoided.

Seattle Fire Department spokesman David Cuerpo said 25 people were examined after a steel barricade fell during Jai Wolf’s performance. Four attendees were hospitalized with minor injuries. Cuerpo said the collapse was caused by the weight of attendees pushing into it. The crowd of nearly 3,000 were packed together so tightly that the barricade couldn’t support itself anymore. Jai Wolf reportedly canceled the rest of his set following the barricade’s collapse.

Several fans captured footage of the unfortunate event and the brief chaos that ensued. One video shows a security guard helping a young woman with an injured leg.

In another video, a fan shows the massive crowd just moments before the barricade falls.

Thankfully, staff were able to get immediate help to those injured and no one left seriously hurt.