Can We Just Talk About This Bananas Music Video Paula Abdul Made To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness?

Paula Abdul teamed up with the Avon Foundation to produce this two minute music video called “Check Yourself” for breast cancer awareness month, which encourages women to do what the title of the song says to do. Spoiler alert: For a song about boobs, it’s not all that sexy — but at least it’s got a good message. I also have to admit that it’s actually pretty catchy in a generic pop song kind of way, if you can get past the absurdity of Paula Abdul singing a song about breast cancer risks and self breast exams, which are not usually the ingredients for a successful pop song. Damn, why doesn’t Paula Abdul do more things? She’s the only person just crazy enough to make this work.

On that note, I need to briefly address this part of the video:

While the rest of the video is pretty standard — backup dancers, words in block print like “LOVE” and “EMPOWERMENT” printed on pink and white in the background, Paula Abdul awkwardly groping her own breasts, etc. — I am not sure what Paula Abdul dressed up like an Indian goddess with pointy fingers has to do with breast cancer. Since the song is about checking your boobs, she’s going to need a lot more boobs to fill all of those hands up with.