Car Seat Headrest Share An Elaborate New Version Of Their Sprawling 2011 Song ‘Beach Life In Death’

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Car Seat Headrest are back. After taking most of 2017 to tour the world and play a myriad of different festivals, last night Will Toledo and company sprung a new piece of music on us all. Well, technically it’s an old piece of music, but with an incredible refresh. “Beach Life In Death” first made its debut all the way back in 2011, when Toledo was still making tracks by himself and releasing them through Bandcamp. The updated version here is a sprawling, 13-minute long roller coaster ride of slashing guitars and explosive drums that dive headlong into valleys of mournful vocal harmonization.

While Car Seat Headrest have yet to give any indication about what might be in store, one has to hope that the release of “Beach Life In Death” signals that they are gearing up to release another full-length project at some point in 2018. Thus far, since the release of their critically-adored record Teens Of Denial, the only other piece of new music we’ve gotten from them was the one-off single “War Is Coming (If You Want It),” which Toledo described as a song about, “Not murdering people.”

You can check out Car Seat Headrest’s new take on “Beach Life In Death” below.