You Can Run Away With Carly Rae Jepsen In Her Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Music Video

As of the afternoon of October 23, Carly Rae Jepsen holds the crown for Best Pop Music Album of the Year thanks to Emotion, the rare reach for critical relevance that actually ended up creating a great album. Before today, I didn’t think much could be done to improve on her 2015. But now she’s gone and re-released “Run Away with Me” as a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style music video.

The video functions via a series of texts (presumably from CRJ) that ask you where you are/what you’re doing/what the weather’s like. When you respond via emoji options, the video shifts to new locations, activities and parts of the day, all filmed in the kinetic, first-person POV style of the original video.

Check it out over at Carly’s website. It’s worth the three minutes.

For more CRJ, check out yet another pitch on why you should really listen to Emotion and follow that up with her performance on Today from earlier this year.

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