Philly Punks Cayetana Announce Their Second Album ‘New Kind Of Normal’ Will Come Out On Their Own Label

Philadelphia’s Cayetana recently released an awesome split 7″ with Australia’s Camp Cope, which featured a track called “Mesa.” As it would turn out, “Mesa” is also the first single from Cayetana’s forthcoming full-length New Kind Of Normal, which they plan to self-release on their brand new label Plum Records. The video sees the band entering something of a colorful fantasy world through a miniature door, though they all arrive in different places. A fire in the woods brings them back together, and before you know it, the trio wakes up on the couch. Check out the great video above.

In an announcement of the new album and label with NPR, the band said:

Starting Plum Records was born out of our realization that we thrive when we trust our instincts, and take decision-making and creative control into our own hands. For us, it was the best way to create art without compromise, on our own terms, in our own time, in our own way, and we hope to eventually extend that to other artists. We’ve always envisioned Cayetana as a project that has the potential to be a vessel for something bigger than just our own work. Plum Records is a look inward, and a look to the future.”

New Kind Of Normal is out May 5th on Plum Records. Pre-order it here.