Dean Ween Talks About His Wild Career On The Celebration Rock Podcast

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Of course Dean Ween is one of the founders of Ween, a band that has been putting out albums since 1990, though they haven’t had any new albums in a while. But he’s also the leader of the Dean Ween Group, which just put out a new record, called Rock 2. He’s also one of my favorite musicians of all-time, so getting him on the podcast was a real pleasure.

Now, my conversation with Dean is interesting. This was my second time talking to him, and I think he’s generally a friendly, funny, and gregarious guy. But I think you’ll notice that he’s also a little wary about delving too deep into his relationship with Gene Ween, his long-time partner in Ween. The state of their reunion is good but perhaps fragile.

I suspect that if Gene were down, Dean would be making Ween albums right now, not Dean Ween Group records. But he also didn’t want to say too much about that in this conversation. So, while Dean had a lot to say in general, his sometimes awkward silences in this conversation speak louder than words.

I also talk with Stephen Thomas Erlewine of about Ween’s career and our favorite Ween albums.

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