The Chainsmokers Are So Over The Constant Criticism In Their ‘Everybody Hates Me’ Video

Ever since they’ve become a majorly successful EDM duo, The Chainsmokers have served as a musical punching bag, the fact that they’ve been called “the Nickelback of EDM” serving as clear evidence of that. They’re getting tired of all the hate, though, and they expressed as much in the new song “Everybody Hates Me,” which they shared a couple weeks ago. On the track, Drew Taggert sings lines like, “Yeah, I just want to drink tequila with my friends / I’m so defeated, I just want this shit to end,” showing that he’s really just over it.

Now the duo has shared a video for the track, and the message is still clear: The constant criticism can really take its toll. In the colorful Rory Kramer-directed clip, the actions goes back and forth between scenes of the duo driving a Jeep, getting bumped into at a party, singing the sing underwater, setting a car on fire, and performing the track with these images projected onto them. The duo by no means look like they’re having a good time through all this action: They keep pensive expressions on throughout the video, because dealing with people trying to bring you down all day every day can be a major drag.

Watch the video for “Everybody Hates Me” above.