Chance The Rapper Shared The Poignant Story Of His Auntie Kim Who Lost Her Battle To Breast Cancer

Odds are you either have battled, or you know someone very close to you that has been afflicted with cancer. Chance The Rapper recently received the grave news that his Aunt, Kimberly Bennett lost her battle to inflammatory breast cancer on Sunday. The Chicago musician took to Twitter and tried to bring some awareness out of this tragedy, sharing a video that she had filmed just before here passing.

Posted to YouTube by the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation, Kimberly shares her story about how she first became aware of her affliction. She also talked about facing the grim diagnosis head on. “When you’re stage three, they say you have a chance to live. When you’re stage four, they say, ‘We’re gonna keep you comfortable ’til you die.’ I was stage four.” Despite the odds, she proceeded with treatment, as arduous and painful as it may have been. “It was like getting hit with a sopping wet, pillow, concrete mixture every three weeks,” she said.

Kimberly Bennett ended her video with a poignant, but necessary message. “The goal of this cancer is to kill you and to kill you fast,” she said. “The only thing you can do to help yourself is to respond and react as fast as you can. That’s the only thing that will save your life.”

Rest in Peace Kimberly. Our thoughts are with the Bennett family.