Chance The Rapper Helped Raise $60,000 To Buy Convertible Coats For Chicago’s Homeless

12.29.15 2 years ago 2 Comments

Chance the Rapper may not have been feeling charitable enough to drop that third mixtape we’re waiting for, but he did do something in the spirit of giving. The Windy City rhymer teamed up with non-profits The Empowerment Plan and Warmest Winter to raise $60,000 for Chicago’s homeless population.

Chance announced the rapid success of his campaign on Twitter.

The money will go toward an eventual goal of producing 1,000 EMPWR coats — heavy-duty winter wear that doubles as a sleeping bag — for homeless citizens of Chicago. The company that makes the coats also hires homeless people to help make the coats, as Chance pointed out earlier this week.

The uniquely cold conditions that people face living on the streets in Chicago makes keeping warm especially critical. The Empowerment Plan says that every 1,000 coats they distribute help to “save 14 lives and reduce health-care costs by $58,800 annually.”

While many of the replies to Chance’s announcement were expressions of disappointment over the lack of a new mixtape, a few fans did praise Chance and his knack for a quick turnaround on projects that he takes on.

And, of course, there was the most apt praise for anything that Chance does from now until the day he dies.

(Via Billboard)

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