Everyone On The Rap Internet — Including Chance The Rapper — Is Obsessively Ranking Kanye Albums

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There’s nothing more that rap fans love on the internet than to rank anything related to music and argue about who’s opinion is right. Wednesday’s big Twitter discussion was driven by a ranking of Kanye West’s albums that had everyone chiming in with their two cents, included noted ‘Ye fan and collaborator Chance The Rapper.

The original ranking was published by Complex, who placed Cruel Summer in the lowest spot at nine, and pegged My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as his best work. What appeared to rankle Chano was their decision to put 2005’s Late Registration next to last. “How am I supposed to keep reading this after you put Late Registration 2nd to last?? *Tyra Banks’ ‘We were all rooting for you’ gif,” he wrote.

Hours later, Chance decided to share his own best-to-worst ranking of Yeezus’ works. He flipped the script by putting Late Registration in the top slot, followed by The College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to round out the top three. Cruel Summer remained unchanged but Yeezus and 808s and Heartbreak got shuffled down near the bottom of the order.

Comparing the two, Chance’s version probably holds more weight, but lists are highly subjective. With Kanye’s discography, a lot depends on which work created the strongest connection for a listener because he’s never really stuck to a specific sound or style from project to project and we’ve watched him go through multiple stages throughout his professional and personal life. Anyone who’s favorite was the brokenhearted ‘Ye on 808s and Heartbreaks is obviously going to regard his soulful, sample-driven early material a lot differently.

But if there’s one thing for certain it’s that Yeezus should be at the bottom of any list, otherwise the rankings are invalid.