Chance The Rapper And Ziggy Marley Give Us A Much-Needed Shot Of Positivity With The ‘Arthur’ Theme On ‘The Late Show’

Arthur has certainly found quite the resurgence in popular culture as of late. The show has become a popular meme online — much to the chagrin of some PBS stations — and now the theme song is getting a laid back, late night update thanks to Ziggy Marley, Chance The Rapper, and the folks at The Late Show.

Why it has happened is up for debate, but you can’t deny the song carries some infectious positivity that’s hard to shake. Stephen Colbert’s smiling face is a fine representation of how this song makes you feel inside, supported by Jon Batiste and Ziggy Marley dropping a very mellow rendition of the song. Then Chance The Rapper shows up and elevates it to this other level, much like his own cover of the theme song does.

After a week that was pretty contentious politically, this is a nice way to counter a bit of the negativity. While it’s not going to solve the troubles people are facing, this is the kind of tune that can take you out of a moment. Take that nap and go into some animated world, bouncing down the street with a positive outlook at the rest of the world. It is at least going to save your sanity over the next decade.

(Via Late Show)