Check Out Aubrey Plaza In JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound’s ‘Rouse Yourself’ Video

I guess the cool thing about being one of the stars of a show like New Girl is that you get to be BFF with some of the best new music artists and bands out there. At least that’s how Jake Johnson was not only able to get himself into the video for my favorite song right now, but he also parlayed that into sharing a bed with Aubrey Plaza while she was just wearing a t-shirt and underwear.

Toss in some ninja training, ridiculous fighting and one of the catchier tunes that you’ll hear this summer, and that’s pretty much JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound’s video for “Rouse Yourself” in a nutshell. I encourage you to try playing this song when you wake up in the morning. It’ll make for a happier, brighter day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some bathtub GIFs to make.