Chika Is ‘Changing The Way People Perceive Emotion’ With Her Skillful, Heartfelt Lyricism

Rapper Chika was the self-proclaimed “weird kid” in her Montgomery, Alabama household, with creative interests that trumped any urge to “sit and be a part of a curriculum.” That creative fervor eventually led to strife with her parents, who “did not love that,” and thought “on top of that we think she’s kinda gay,” she jokes in her latest Honda Backstage interview.

She recalls racial subtleties that ostracized her for being a dark-skinned woman and classmates who would joke about her weight and “made her feel like something was wrong” with her. But she learned to clap back with humor. Her self-advocacy led her to stick up for other underdogs, as her friend Chris noted. She reflects that: “I was always trying to stand up for someone…(but) where do you find your own solace? I found mine in music.”

Her musical gifts got her accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, but she ended up at the University of South Alabama, which she eventually left after her pinpoint lyricism made her a viral star. Unfortunately, her social media following wasn’t turning into funds. That period was one of “depression” and “isolation,” where she wondered if the art was worth it.

But her life changed after a move to New York and her “Letter To Kanye Omari West” went viral. After fans of the song Cashapped her over $1,000, she saw it as a “god moment” which inspired her to keep going as “the world opened up for me.” Eventually, she signed to Warner Records, where she released her Industry Games EP and is speaking for people who like her, felt like “so many of my emotions were deemed wrong.” Watch her tell her story in the video above.

Chika is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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