Chris Brown Is A Maddening Enigma

Serious question: How the hell is Chris Brown still so enormously popular? The guy played an outdoor concert on the Today Show this morning an drew the largest crowd in the history of Today Show outdoor concerts. Like, I get that he’s good-looking and can dance and that there’s something sexy about his music — despite the fact that it’s comically auto-tuned — but isn’t this guy just a coddled celebrity a-hole on steroids? I mean, I’m someone who truly believes in forgiveness and redemption and that people can genuinely change, but I don’t feel that at all with this guy. He hasn’t suffered enough, frankly, and he just still seems like, well, a monster.

Remember, it was just a couple of months ago that he flew into a petulant rage after Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts dared to ask him about beating the snot out of Rihanna. So how is it that people were camping out overnight to catch this guy’s act this morning? Ike Turner must be in hell watching all of this going, “WTF?”

What’s even more head-scratching is how the media continues to handle Brown with kid gloves. After he went on his little GMA interview tirade, Robin Roberts actually wished him “the best” and invited him back on the show. Like, WHAT?! And this morning the entire Today Show crew — Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker — fawned all over the punk for hours with barely a mention of his malcontent past. Can you say enabling? I have no idea who Chris Brown’s publicist is, but he or she must be the biggest swing d*ck in the industry. That’s the only explanation in my mind — that his flack controls lots of high-profile celebs and uses access to them as blackmail to get good pub for Chris Brown. It’s beginning to drive me a little nuts, honestly, and if you’re not in the same boat then just spend a few minutes going through the #teambreezy tweets on Twitter.

Anyway, I’ll step off of my soapbox now. Here’s America’s most beloved lady-beater, doing his thing on the Today Show. God help us all.

(Photos via Today Show and Gothamist)