Meet The Man Who Built A Nightclub Into His Beverly Hills Mansion To Make LA Nightlife More Exciting

Contributing Writer

Eccentric Los Angeles nightlife fixture James Goldstein was tired of his home city lagging behind other world-class cities’ club scenes. But he had two things that could help: a Beverly Hills mansion considered to be a “masterpiece of modern architecture” and an innate knowledge of what makes a good club from years of partying (oh, and a ton of money).

So, Goldstein built Club James into his home — a glass palace so gorgeous it’s going to be donated to the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art when he passes away — in an attempt to elevate Los Angeles’ nightlife. Goldstein’s quest to build a club that encourages partiers to interact and dance while also sharing a bit of the uniqueness of his home was chronicled in Red Bull’s new club-profiling series Inspire The Night.

Eagle-eyed viewers might recognize the mansion from its appearance in The Big Lebowski, but if you want to sound smart feel free to stunt and say you know it as the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright-disciple John Lautner. Either way, it belongs to Goldstein now and he’s endlessly tinkering with it to bring in more of the surrounding environment (and also eager partiers). Check out the profile of James and his eponymous club up top.

The entire series of Inspire The Night is available here. Be sure to check out the also LA-based A Club Called Rhonda — pioneers in creating safe spaces for the queer community — and the Tulum nightclub Day Zero that’s incorporating its lush natural surroundings into the club experience.

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