Coi Leray Brings Busta Rhymes To Prove They Are ‘Players’ On A Brand New Remix

Coi Leray added none other than Busta Rhymes on her new song, “Players,” for an added verse of the remixed hit.

“It never ends, the way we doing it and how we f*cking them up again / Look how we got them, DJ Saige killing them with the blend,” Busta breaks out in his lyrics.

The remix addition also felt a little like fate, as “Players” previously got a mashup from DJ Saige with Busta Rhymes’ 1997 song, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

Leray samples Grandmaster Flash’s 1982 song, “The Message,” on “Players.” The song marks her fourth in Billboard‘s Hot 100 songs chart — and could very well enter the Top 10. (It already has in the UK and Australia, according to the publication.)

“I started working with more writers towards the end of last year,” she also shared with Billboard about the creation process of “Players,” which included a collaborative session. “I worked with writers in the past, but I remember I was a little stubborn — like, ‘I don’t need nobody to write for me.’ My pen game is amazing but this year is the first time I learned structure to a song. Like the verse, pre-chorus, bridge, hook.”

Check out Coi Leray’s “Players” remix with Busta Rhymes above.