Coldplay Good-Naturedly Responded To Fox News’ Radiohead Comparison

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Fox News has been known to draw the ire of a lot of people over the years, but now they’ve gotten themselves involved in a strange feud with Radiohead. In case you missed it, political pundit Kat Timpf appeared on The Greg Gutfeld Show a couple weeks ago and called Radiohead fans “strange, malnourished, and sad.” This prompted a response from the band’s Jonny Greenwood, who updated his Twitter bio to reflect that set of descriptors.

Gutfeld kept the feud going on his show this past weekend, bringing Coldplay into the mix by referring to Radiohead as “a fine band,” but also as “the poor man’s Coldplay.” Now Coldplay has weighed in, and tongue firmly in cheek, they expressed their agreement with Gutfeld’s assessment. In a tweet signed by creative director and sort-of-official fifth Coldplay member Phil Harvey, the band posted a screenshot of a headline about Gutfeld’s statement and tweeted, “Finally somebody had the balls to say it!” with a laughing emoji.

The band is just joking and having a bit of fun, of course, and in the past, they’ve even said that Radiohead is the superior band of the two: In a 2012 interview, guitarist Jonny Buckland was asked which band is better and he responded, “Radiohead. No, I mean really, they are. They are great.”